“Acuáticos” originates from the Spanish word for “aquatic”. Acuático and aquatic are themselves derived from the Latin word aqua, which means water, our life source. When you become immersed in marine ecosystems throughout the game, we hope that you will become an Acuático, an ocean superhero, so that we will have one more advocate for the ocean and all of its life. After all, the ocean produces over half of the Earth’s oxygen. The ocean is full of life!

Imagine you are a squid that can swim to the depths of the ocean, or a superhero snail that defends its ecosystem from invasive algae. Better yet, imagine that you are an Acuático who helps seagulls live in a garbage-free wetland.

Welcome! We invite you to play, learn, explore, and protect our ocean. Play Acuáticos to understand what it is like to be a marine animal that needs to swim, eat, avoid predators, and also avoid human pollution, to be able to reproduce in order to maintain a harmonious ocean ecosystem.

There are five important themes in Acuáticos that demonstrate how we, as humans, impact the ocean, marine life, and human life (because we also depend on the ocean for our survival!).

This game is part of a project named “What is your ocean footprint? - An ecogame calculator”, under the XIX Concurso de Valoración y Divulgación de la Ciencia y la Tecnología del Programa Explora de CONICYT.